Company: Tate & Lyle, London


Cheesecake made with Tate & Lyle's DOLCIA PRIMA Low-Calorie SugarProduct Snapshot: Tate & Lyle recently launched DOLCIA PRIMA Low-Calorie Sugar. Made from allulose, a low-calorie sugar that exists in nature and can be found in small quantities in some fruits and other foods, DOLCIA PRIMA delivers the satisfying mouthfeel and sweetness of table sugar, but contains 90 percent fewer calories, according to the company. It can be formulated into many different food products that usually contain sugar because it delivers many of the benefits of sugar, such as adequate browning when baking, bulk and texture. It can also depress the freezing point of frozen products. A highly soluble, liquid ingredient, DOLCIA PRIMA is easy to use in liquid products and adds bulk and texture in formulations.