Company: Steviva Ingredients, Portland, OR


Ingredient Snapshot: Steviva Ingredients has launched a full line of monk fruit-stevia sweetener blend solutions. The MonkSweet portfolio comprises five all-natural sweetening systems and grades, bringing together optimal levels of proprietary monk fruit (lo han guo) and stevia or erythritol, according to the company. MonkSweet +, a blend of SteviaSweet 95-60, monk fruit extract and Erysweet Erythritol, is twice as sweet as sugar, with 0.2 calories per gram, and delivers a naturally sweet, minimal calorie solution with a mouthfeel similar to sugar. MonkSweet LS, a monk fruit-stevia blend, has 250 times the sweetness of sucrose and a sweet, well-rounded flavor profile. MonkSweet, a pure monk fruit extract, has a neutral flavor in most applications and is available in three grades: MonkSweet V25, with 25 percent minimum mogroside V; MonkSweet V40, which is 300 times the sweetening power of sugar; and MonkSweet V50, which is 400 times sweeter than sugar. Designed for use in a variety of foods, including confectionery products, desserts, meal replacement bars and snacks, MonkSweet is highly soluble, nonfermenting and heat-, shelf- and pH-stable. Products are available in 25-kilogram, poly-lined boxes and 1,000-kilogram totes.