Company: Grain Processing Corp., Muscatine, IA


Ingredient Snapshot: Grain Processing Corp.’s INSCOSITY modified pre-gelatinized food starch improves moisture retention and shelf life in baked goods. In cookies, cakes and muffins, it helps control batter viscosity, improves cell structure and provides extended freezer storage stability. According to the company, a frozen storage stability study revealed that INSCOSITY starch provided superior moisture retention, less shrinkage and lower hardness in yellow cakes over an 18-month period. INSCOSITY starch also improves moisture retention and softness in cookies, as well as controls cookie spread during baking. In cookies and bars with added protein, it helps control moisture migration, keeping these products soft during their shelf life. INSCOSITY starch also improves cell structure and product volume in gluten-free baked goods, including cakes, quick breads and yeast bread applications.

Photo courtesy of Grain Processing Corp.