Company: BENEO

Ingredient Snapshot: BENEO, a manufacturer of functional ingredients, has announced the launch of its new precooked functional native rice starch, Remypure S52 P. For the first time it allows food manufacturers to produce clean label food preparations, such as cold processed sauces, dressings, dairy desserts and bakery fillings with an instant functional native rice starch. The new ingredient delivers soft and creamy textures and excellent product stability, even under harsh processing conditions such as shear and acid. 

Remypure S52 P is available now across the globe, enabling food producers to further embrace the clean label trend, using rice starch. As consumers continue to avoid products that contain artificial ingredients[i], transparent and simple labels are on the rise worldwide. Recent research has shown that one in four food and beverage launches carry a clean label claim and this increases to one in three for sauces and seasonings[ii].

Applications such as food dressings, sauces and dips, bakery fillings, or dairy desserts, traditionally have to withstand acidity and/or high shear during preparation, and it can be challenging to maintain optimal functionality under these conditions. The functional native texturizer Remypure S52 P provides manufacturers with the perfect solution to this problem. This pre-cooked starch performs just as well as modified starches in cold processing conditions that involve low pH and/or high shear, whilst being clean label at the same time.  

Consumers worldwide are looking for authentic and natural ingredients. For example, half of UK and three out of five German consumers “intentionally avoid foods and/or beverages with artificial ingredients and look for natural products instead”[iii]. According to recent global research, when asked why consumers were interested in eating cleaner, almost three out of every five consumers (62%) said it was because it was healthier[iv].

Rice is seen as a familiar and healthy ingredient by the large majority of consumers[v]. Furthermore, it brings added creaminess and mouthfeel to any recipe, thanks to the unique characteristics of the rice starch granules. Remypure S52 P has performed well in taste trials, with spoonable dressings, ranch dips and bakery creams tested all receiving positive feedback, particularly regarding the recipes’ creamy textures and stability.

Benoit Tavernier, product manager specialty rice ingredients at BENEO commented: “With the increasing demand from consumers for transparent product labels, we are always looking for ways to help our customers meet these market demands. Remypure S52 P has been developed for food producers searching for an instant clean label texturizer for food preparations that can withstand harsh process conditions, while giving an additional creamy aspect to the texture of the end product. It is the first rice starch of its kind on the market for this type of application and has already been well received in a range of taste tests. With the now extended Remypure range of functional native rice starches, BENEO is well set to support existing and potential new customers in their development process of various new clean label products.”

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