Did you miss the new products, ingredients and equipment posted on Snackandbakery.com this week? If so, check them out now.

New Products:

Mini Twists: Pretzel Pete Inc. has introduced Mini Twists, seasoned, mini pretzels.

Arare Rice Crackers: Lotus Foods has reinvented a beloved Japanese snack—Arare Rice Crackers.

Biena Rockin’ Ranch Chickpea Snacks: Rockin’ Ranch joins Biena Foods' line of chickpea snacks.

One Bun Organic Squares: One Bun Organic Squares from Ozery Bakery are pre-sliced, skinny sandwich buns.

Donettes Red Velvet Mini Donuts: Hostess Brands' Donettes Red Velvet Mini Donuts are available through Valentine's Day.

New Ingredients:

Popcorn seasoning: Carolina Ingredients has introduced a Chai Spice popcorn seasoning.

Cocoa powder: Innovative Product Services offers a premium cocoa powder made from South American cocoa beans.

New Equipment:

Linear drive nut: Amacoil-Uhing Model RS drive nut provides smooth, backlash-free linear motion in food-processing machine designs, according to Amacoil Inc.

Forming and cutting line upgrades: Baker Perkins has upgraded its range of sheet forming and cutting lines for hard sweet biscuits and crackers to TruClean standards.