Company: Key Technology Inc., Walla Walla, WA


Equipment Snapshot: Key Technology has re-engineered its Iso-Flo vibratory conveyors with monobeam construction. The line now features an innovative frame made of a single structural member. The monobeam conveyor’s frame and spring arms can be tucked completely under the conveyor bed. The narrow frame offers less than half the surface area of other Iso-Flo frames, fewer parts to clean and better access to the conveyor bed, according to the company. The single-beam design also facilitates sanitation and enhances equipment hygiene to reduce the risk of product contamination and maintain food safety. Monobeam conveyors can be floor-mounted with four legs or two legs on T-bars, or they can be mounted to other machinery or suspended from overhead. They’re ideal for processing and packaging a variety of products, including potato chips, nuts, snacks, bakery products, grains and seeds, says the company.