Company: Coffee Flour


Ingredient Snapshot: Founded by Dan Belliveau, Coffee Flour is a new global impact food that is driving the “waste reuse” movement forward through partnerships with global thought leaders and environmentally ­conscious organizations. The brand has helped solve a critical issue in the coffee industry as each year, billions of pounds of coffee cherries are discarded as a by­product of green coffee production. While these cherries have historically been left to rot in heaps and pollute local soil and waterways, Coffee Flour has found a way to convert them into flour for baking, cooking, and crafting chocolate. The result is an incredibly nutritious and distinctly flavorful culinary ingredient that is very high in fiber, protein, potassium, and iron. CoffeeFlour also creates a supplemental income for many farmers and mill workers at the source, turning what was once waste into revenue and a stable local food source. As a “found food” that turns a previously discarded agricultural byproduct into a nutritious food source for consumers and a stable source of income for farmers, Coffee Flour creates a positive social and environmental impact at all stages of the production chain.

Coffee Flour is currently sold online at Marx Pantry and in the United States and at Algerian Coffee Roasters in the United Kingdom. It is used in pastry items in several cafés in the U.S., Japan, and Nicaragua and the company has also participated in a number of collaborations with brands and businesses, including Seattle Chocolates, jcoco, Earnest Eats, Sprouts Farmers Market, and numerous restaurants.