Company: popchips


Introduced: March 2017

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.99

Product Snapshot: This year at Expo West, popchips previewed its newest flavor: Buffalo Ranch popchips Ridges. Buffalo Ranch is an exciting addition to the popchips Ridges line, which launched last year. Buffalo Ranch popchips Ridges were created with America’s favorite bar food in mind—only they are crunchier and you can forget about the sauce-stained fingers. With each bite you get the authentic, tangy and spicy notes of buffalo sauce, followed by creamy ranch to cool down those taste buds. Buffalo Ranch popchips Ridges are certified non-GMO by NSF and they meet the USDA Smart Snacks guidelines.

As with all other popchips, they are never deep fried and have half the fat of fried chips. This new flavor is rolling out to retailers in September and will be available in both a 0.7 oz single serve and a share size bag, which the brand has just increased to be 5 oz, offering snackers 60% more chips per bag.