Company: Charles Ross & Son Company


Equipment Snapshot: The Ross VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixer is ideal for mixing pastes, creams and gel-type products, with the capabilities of powder dispersion, emulsification, dissolution, deagglomeration, homogenization, heating/cooling and deaeration. All these functions are achieved in a closed system, without the need for any transfer steps.

Pictured is a 10-gallon Ross VersaMix Model VMC-10 rated for 29.5”Hg vacuum up to 15 psi internal pressure. Its Three-Wing Anchor (3HP), High Speed Disperser (3HP) and High Shear Rotor/Stator (3HP) operate independently at different speed ranges to deliver excellent uniformity in low to high viscosity conditions up to several hundred thousand centipoise.

All product contact surfaces are stainless steel type 316L polished to 180 grit finish; elastomers are EPDM and Chemraz (many other options are available to ensure product and process compatibility).

The mixer cover includes multiple ports for charging raw materials and installation of a vacuum/pressure transmitter, thermoprobe and tank light. It mates with a jacketed cone-bottom vessel that is designed for 100% discharge through a flush diaphragm valve and easy portability. A 23” clearance from the valve outlet to the floor allows operators to position a bucket under the vessel to catch finished product after the mixing cycle.