This Chick Bakes is a retail baker and wholesale supplier of baked goods with a special focus on gluten-free in the Tri-State area of New York. Hope Jones, CEO and executive baker, prides her business on cookies and cakes that are renowned for their fresh and fun flavor combinations that clients like Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi love, too! The products are made from ingredients with no trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or preservatives. The only thing missing was an ordering system as fresh as they are.

Problem 1: They lacked an effective and reliable communication system to properly track the number of items customers wanted, causing orders to fall incomplete.

Problem 2: Clients were not up-to-date with This Chick Bakes’ entire wholesale menu.

The Solution: This Chick Bakes now has a foolproof method provided for their clients to communicate exactly what they need while giving their clients access to the full menu with process and pictures.

BlueCart allows suppliers to display their full product list to all of their customers. This Chick Bakes has experienced a 60 percent increase in items ordered now that their older clients are able to discover and order new and different items that they didn’t have exposure to previously. A common concern amongst suppliers is their ability to encourage their customers to adopt the platform and transact. Because BlueCart is so user-friendly, This Chick Bakes easily brought 70 percent of their entire customer base onto BlueCart within the first 6 months.

“BlueCart has been a business changer,” says Jones. “It makes our company’s and our client’s work experience so much easier, saving time, resources, and sanity.”

BlueCartSince using BlueCart, This Chick Bakes has saved over 51 hours in ordering time.

One of the most-valuable tools for This Chick Bakes on the app is the messaging capability, which has enhanced communication and collaboration for them. “I really like that I am able to communicate with my clients via messages directly to their emails right from my BlueCart ‘Messages’ section,” says Jones. Their most-important request was getting orders in on time to create their baking list for product delivery. Order cutoff times have greatly helped organize their business practice helping them deliver all orders fully and on-time.

“So far, my clients have transitioned easily onto BlueCart,” says Jones. “They’ve really appreciated the ease of ordering and the user-friendly interface that BlueCart offers and they have mentioned that BlueCart keeps their ordering organized and easy to keep track of.”

Jose Vicente, operator, This Chick Bakes, no longer wastes valuable time on phone calls and dedicates his extra time to other projects such as billing and selling products, retail orders, retail website, and most importantly, baking. Sales of baked goods have increased since their sales reps can now spend more time selling new items and less time keying in orders.

“After introducing BlueCart to my clients, the majority of them prefer online ordering because of its simplicity since their time is just as valuable to them,” says Vicente.

With BlueCart, This Chick Bakes has experienced a reduction in errors because the platform is designed to guarantee order accuracy for buyers, leaving Vicente to simply cross-check outgoing orders. Because the app allows clients to be self-sufficient in ordering, This Chick Bakes has been able to keep labor costs low while increasing sales.

“I am making more money from the additional sales because people can see all our items for sale, not just the 10 that they buy all the time,” says Jones. Jones notes that BlueCart listens to her needs and then makes it happen. “I’m very pleased with BlueCart. I was looking for a user-friendly platform where my clients were able to place orders quickly and keep themselves organized.”


About BlueCart

BlueCart helps wholesale distributors manage all of their clients and incoming orders on one easy-to-use platform. Visit to learn more about BlueCart.


About This Chick Bakes

In September 2013, This Chick Bakes was sold to Hope Jones of Cookie Mogul and Hope Faith & Gluttony, by the original owners, Jen Houston and Charley Tucker. Hope combined the best of all the bakeries into one of the strongest wholesalers of baked goods—with a special focus on gluten-free—in the Tri-State area. Her cookies are renowned for their fresh and fun flavor combinations.