Foodstirs was co-founded by Galit Laibow (chief executive officer), Greg Fleishman (chief operating officer), and actress Sarah Michelle Gellar (chief brand officer), in October 2015. Since then, its goal has been to create "quick-scratch" mixes and kits that are not only organic, but easy to bake, as well. 

We recently were able to interview all three of the founders of Foodstirs.

Liz Parker: How has Foodstirs been able to become so successful in such a short period of time? 

Galit Laibow: In October 2015, we began our mission to disrupt a $4.7 billion category by creating an extraordinary brand line of quick-scratch mixes and kits that are superior on every level. At its heart, Foodstirs Modern Baking sets a new standard for a category in dire need of remaking. Our brand promise is rooted in four core principles:

  1. Ultra-Sustainability – Foodstirs is the first baking brand to combine clean, regenerative and conscious ingredients. All Foodstirs quick-scratch mixes are USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified and include ingredients like Wholesome! Biodynamic cane sugar responsibly grown in Paraguay, Equal Exchange organic fair trade chocolate and cocoa, and identity-preserved organic unbleached heirloom flour grown in the USA. We source from farms that utilize sustainable growing methods that regenerate the earth.
  2. Easy to Make – All of our quick-scratch mixes are designed to be baked in six steps or less. By taking the guesswork out of baking, we enable consumers to focus on the experience while creating a delicious treat they can take pride in.
  3. Accessibly Priced – It is our belief that everyone can benefit from upgrading their pantries and baking sweet memories with loved ones in the kitchen, which is why you will find us priced at a level that consumers can feel good about.
  4. From-Scratch Taste – Our line is filled with a full range of mixes and kits that can be easily customized to suit your tastes. And, they all taste as though you made them from scratch. That’s the power of our own chef-created recipes that use only the purest ingredients available anywhere. 

LP: What inspired you to start the brand?

Galit Laibow, Greg Fleishman, Sarah Michelle Gellar: As working parents, we felt touched by the distinctive way baking helps shut off the outside world and truly connect with our children in the heart of the home – the kitchen. Believing that everyone can bond and thrive over food-crafting, the three of us made it our personal obsession to take the guess work out for modern consumers and develop a simpler way for anyone – from adults to children – to create honestly delicious, Instagram-worthy baked goods.


LP: What are some other products that Foodstirs has? What made you want to expand into breakfast products?

GF: In addition to our new Organic Sunday Stacks Pancake Mix that launched in March 2017, Foodstirs offers a variety of delicious, organic quick-from-scratch baking mixes made with pure, ethically-sourced ingredients that are free of artificial preservatives, colors and flavors. Products include our new Organic Vanilla Frosting Mix, Organic Chocolate Lovers Brownie Mix, Organic Brooklyn Salted Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix, Organic Simply Sweet Vanilla Cake Mix, Organic Chocolate Chippy Cookie Mix, and Organic Sweet Tooth Sugar Cookie Mix. We also offer a variety of seasonal food crafting kits and mixes throughout the year, like our newest Mother’s Day-themed kit, Darling Daisy Cookie Bouquet.

Our mission is to clean up the pantry, so expanding into breakfast was a natural progression. Nearly every family has a box of pancake mix in their pantry, but there’s been very little innovation to meet the growing demands of modern consumers looking for organic options with deep ingredient integrity. Foodstirs Organic Sunday Stacks Pancake Mix was crafted out of our personal desire to create everyday moments with our children during the most important meal of the day – breakfast. We know there are millions of parents who share the same feeling, which is why we’re so excited to have launched this new mix that not only uses high quality ingredients that parents can feel good about sharing with their families, but that cooks up delicious, fluffy stacks in minutes every time.


LP: What made Gellar decide to make the move to the food industry, coming from an entertainment industry background?

SMG: As the culture of entertainment has changed and how we consume content is ever changing, there are so many new ways to be creative. After I had my kids, I realized that I could channel my creative side into the kitchen and share that experience. I have always believed that everyone deserves access to the best tasting products with the best ingredients, and we realized that was not the case in the baking category, and thus my partners and I were inspired to create Foodstirs.


LP: Any upcoming products for Foodstirs? Also, what does “clean pantry options” mean to the Foodstirs team?

GF: We’re always baking up something new in the kitchen, including our newest Organic Sunday Stacks Pancake Mix. We can’t share any additional new details at the moment, but are happy to let you be one of the first to know when the time comes!

To us, clean pantry options means giving parents alternative products they can feel good about feeding their families without compromise. Products from the baking aisle have been staples in many family’s kitchens for decades, but there’s been little innovation to meet the demands of modern parents today who are looking for organic and transparent foods. Foodstirs is the first baking solution to combine clean, regenerative, and conscious ingredients with amazing flavor, for seriously delicious baked goods that never sacrifice ingredient integrity for taste.


LP: Where can consumers find Foodstirs products?

GL: Foodstirs is available online at,, and Fresh Direct. We are also sold nationwide at most natural foods stores including Whole Foods Market and select conventional and big box retailers like The Fresh Market and Costco.

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