CX North America Information Services Inc. (CX North America) announced that David Kreidler has assumed the role of director of business development. Kreidler, who will be working out of Chicago, brings to the position a well-developed understanding of issues surrounding freight transportation and logistics management developed by serving on the industry’s front lines for 20 years.

Previously, as vice president of operations at Trans Dynamics, Kreidler spearheaded the company’s growth from a firm with $5 million in annual revenue to one with over $20 million. After its sale to Savage Services, he served as managing director. Earlier, at Twin Modal, he built a brokerage branch office from the ground up, eventually leading it to achieve revenues of $20 million per year, too. And, at American Backhaulers, Kreidler was part of the team that elevated the importance of carrier relationships and helped launch a computer system that set the industry standard for its time. 

In speaking of his new role as director of business development, David Kreidler shares, “It’s exciting to move to the tech side of the freight industry at such an important time. There is definitely a David versus Goliath mentality out there, and it’s hard not to root for the underdog. Many qualified, highly respected small to mid-size brokers aren’t ready to back down yet and are looking for differentiators to remain competitive. There is no question that technology is the key to their ongoing survival.”

Kreidler continues, “CX North America offers very robust solutions specifically designed for this space. It is the ideal technology partner for a lot of small to mid-size 3PLs. As a broker, I speak their language and can communicate the definitive ways in which our technology can help their bottom line and increase their operational efficiency. I’m looking forward to raising their awareness and helping them compete with the ‘big boys’ in the freight brokerage world.”

Lyall Cresswell, president and CEO of CX North America, says, “With over 20 years of freight management experience, I cannot think of a more qualified individual to promote our technology and grow our business. David understands the issues and challenges freight carriers and other transportation professionals face in this age of Uber and Amazon. He can zero in on the precise ways our software and apps can help them be more efficient and profitable. His wide-ranging connections, coupled with his insights on where and how competitive advantage can be leveraged, will undoubtedly benefit 3PLs and other freight transportation providers. We look forward to great things with David directing our business development efforts.”