Company: Hinds-Bock


Equipment Snapshot: Hinds-Bock has created an automated solution for the typical labor intensive and portion sensitive production of mini products such as muffins, snack cakes, brownies and mini cakes.

Complete with cup denester, crumbing and tamping station, batter station and dry topping station, they’ve also incorporated an additional roll-in, roll-out station for finishing baked products with perfect dollops of topping like ganache, caramel, whipped or icing, as well as dry toppings like chocolate chips, Nut pieces, sprinkles, sugar or sweet and savory flakes.

“I cannot be more impressed with the speed and precise portioning this new mini dessert system offers. It really is the total production line for single serve desserts,” says Lance Aasness, executive vice president of Hinds-Bock.

To see this system in action, click here.