Company: Puratos


Ingredient Snapshot: Puratos Canada recently announced the Tegral Clara Ultra, the newest addition to its pâtisserie mixes that creates choux pastry such as éclairs, profiteroles and Paris Brest. Tegral Clara Ultra is a clean(er) label base which lets you create high quality choux pastry resulting in great consistency every time.

Easy to recognize with its distinctive shape and attractive topping, the éclair is often an early childhood food memory, and a first taste of French pâtisserie. It is no surprise that the éclair has been a favourite in good pâtisseries for over 100 years. Considered one of the cornerstones of French pâtisserie, it has usually been topped with coffee or chocolate flavours. Recently, there has been a revival of the éclair where pastry chefs have injected much fantasy and excitement into this classic dessert and have given it a new contemporary, sexy look. Yes, “le nouveau éclair” has arrived!

Consumer research shows 45 percent of Canadian consumers like traditional recipes and 42 percent like the innovation beyond new ideas and want to try new concepts. Éclairs have that nostalgic charm and are part of the ‘back to the classics’ trend, especially as more and more people insist on enjoying the tried and trusted recipes they know. Furthermore it’s an excellent base for creativity, allowing endless possibilities in term of taste, shapes and decorations.

Tegral Clara Ultra will bring that traditional taste and texture of the choux pastry while offering great visual appeal. It is a convenient and versatile mix in which you only add water, oil and eggs. Tegral Clara Ultra is a clean(er) label base which is easy to use, guarantees consistency on quality and volume and, in addition, gives exceptional tunneling allowing you to be creative with savoury or sweet fillings.

The Tegral Clara Ultra is available in Canada in a 10kg bag.