Company: Shurtape


Equipment Snapshot: The Folded-Edge Hand Dispenser is one of the latest additions to Shurtape’s ShurSEAL Packaging Solutions family and is available for all manual sealing applications, including L-Clip tape sealing. The Folded-Edge Hand Dispenser was developed with patented Folded-Edge Technology, providing an added layer of security to keep contents secure and reduce the risk of contamination and damage.

The dispenser folds both edges of the packaging tape along the length of the carton as the tape is applied, creating a reinforced tape seal. This technology increases the strength of the tape and reinforces the film, particularly at its most vulnerable failure point – the carton’s major flaps where the tape folds over the edges of the carton. An added benefit of Folded-Edge Technology is that it delivers ready-to-open seals by creating a dry edge that allows the tape to be pulled away by hand, eliminating the need for a knife or other sharp object.

In addition to reinforced strength and ready-to-open seals, these hand dispensers also provide improved wipe-down pressure to strengthen seal security, a retractable cutting blade to increase safety, tape length indicators and straight taping guidance for accurate and efficient taping. These added benefits allow for deeper penetration of the adhesive to the corrugated surface, reduced tape consumption, straighter taping and increased safety.

“Initially, we created Folded-Edge Technology for our ShurSEAL automated case sealing solutions to give manufacturers the reinforced strength and reliability they needed. The ready-to-open seals were a bonus for their case recipients,” said Bradley Dunlap, packaging product manager at Shurtape. “When we reflected on how little innovation the hand dispenser market had seen over the years, we knew it was time to make some changes. We are excited to bring these same benefits to manufacturers that rely on manual case sealing in their packaging process.

The Folded-Edge Hand Dispenser is available in 2-inch and 3-inch options.

When case sealing equipment does not perform as desired, the results can be costly. Packaging operations can slow to a stand-still, which leads to downtime, loss of profitability and time-consuming rework. Implementing a tape monitoring system, like Prime Alert from Shurtape, can help manufacturers maintain control of their packaging line.

Prime Alert, a feature used in conjunction with ShurSEAL automated packaging solutions, is a tape monitoring system equipped to issue both audible and visual alerts to packaging line operators. The system alerts are automatically transmitted if any of the following occur on the packaging line:

• No/missing tape
• Broken tape
• Low tape
• Case jam
• Uncut tape

A light tree can also be installed with the Prime Alert system, providing control of the packaging line, even when you can’t be right there. For added flexibility, Prime Alert can also be tied into a programmable logic controller (PLC) system to stop the case erector/sealer or conveyor before issues get out of hand.

“A tape monitoring system, like Prime Alert, can provide essential checks and balances for manufacturers,” said Bradley Dunlap, packaging product manager at Shurtape. “It offers an extra set of ‘eyes’ to keep production moving and help avoid preventable issues. Because Prime Alert functions independently, manufactures are able to maintain control of their line without being present.”