Just in time for harvest season, Kettle Brand has introduced the Tater Tracker as part of its 30-year commitment to transparency and sustainability. The new online tool, which can be found at KettleBrand.com, allows consumers to journey from bag to background: by just entering a 10-14 digit code found on the back of their favorite flavor to get the exact name of the farm that grew the taters…er, potatoes, in their half-eaten bag. Curious fans can get to know the famers and their families via a series of digital content, including interactive 360o video tours of the farm, led by the actual farmer, which allows them to “look” in any direction they please by simply swiping their finger across the screen.

In developing long-lasting partnerships with its potato farmers, Kettle Brand has been able to ensure a steady supply of high-quality potatoes and root vegetables in key growing regions – one as close as 100 miles from its chip production facility in Salem, Oregon.