Company: TH Foods

Ingredient Snapshot: TH Foods recently released organic salted corn chips with flax, as well as a variety of snack sticks. New offerings include:

  • Cinnamon Bun Stick: With the taste of a gooey cinnamon bun, the sesame sticks are dipped in real honey then lightly coated in a sweet cinnamon bun seasoning for a balance of indulgence and crunch. There are no artificial colors or flavors, no MSG, and no autolyzed yeast extract.
  • Power Grain Quinoa Stick: Containing the simple ingredients of corn, salt, soybean oil, and quinoa, a power grain that is known for its great wholesome taste and health benefits.
  • Vegetable Red Beet Stick: Featuring beets, an up-and-coming vegetable, these non-GMO lightly salted snack sticks come in a brilliant red color and are made from corn, quinoa, beets, salt, and soybean oil.
  • Pineapple Habanero Honey Stick: Real honey, sesame, and habanero peppers are crafted with the taste of pineapple to create an excellent balance of sweet and heat.

The organic items are:

  • Organic Sesame Sticks – Narrow: the thin sesame sticks are made with real toasted sesame and provide a desired crunch.
  • Organic Sesame Sticks – Wide: the wide sesame sticks are perfect on their own or as a snack mix-in.
  • Organic Salted Corn Chips with Flax: the combination of organic corn and flax seeds feature a touch of salt in a crunchy chip.
  • Organic Honey Roast Sesame Sticks – Narrow: the sweet honey roast coating makes this stick ideal for mixes with high moisture components like dried fruit.

TH Foods, one of the first to introduce a gluten-free cracker, has been producing crackers, snacks, and sesame sticks since 1984. The company is known worldwide for new, innovative snack products and a product line that includes a wide array of sesame, corn, and rice snack and cracker products.

All TH Foods baked products use proprietary Japanese technology and the company is the only manufacturer in North America with the technology to make authentic Usuyaki style rice crackers, which are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be seasoned with any number of complimentary flavors. TH Foods technology also includes “popped” and fried products.