Company: Praxair


Equipment Snapshot: Praxair, Inc. has announced that it has developed a new liquid nitrogen injection cooling technology in response to customer requests for improved cooling options for pneumatically conveyed dry ingredients. The first nitrogen-based ColdFront in-line powder cooling system has been installed and tested at a large bakery in the U.S. that produces a variety of breads and pie crusts. The new nitrogen application matched results achieved using liquid carbon dioxide systems and is now commercially available alongside the proven liquid carbon dioxide systems.

“The objective of the development project was to use liquid nitrogen to reduce elevated ingredient temperatures during the pneumatic conveying of these ingredients to use points throughout the facility. Elevated ingredient temperature can create finished product inconsistencies. The process delivers consistent, lower temperatures and helps maintain low moisture levels,” explained Chris Johnson, director, Praxair Business Development. “The Praxair nitrogen-based system provides precise control of flour and dry ingredient temperatures and automatically adjusts to accommodate changing production rates and batch sizes.”

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