Company: McKee Foods


Introduced: April 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail: $2.19

Product Snapshot: McKee Foods is adding another variety to the cake lineup, providing a choice snack for an occasion everyone can celebrate: birthdays! New Little Debbie Birthday Cakes will be crashing the party in April of this year. These individually wrapped cakes with candy confetti baked right into the cake and a colorful mix of sprinkles on top are perfect for sharing with family and friends.

“This has been a fun cake to see launched for the Little Debbie brand. It provides a year-round selection for celebrations. You don’t have to wait until your birthday to celebrate you. Now you can have that much-anticipated piece of cake any time of year,” said Erica Harrison, product manager. This is an excitement shared throughout the bakery; as Terry Howell, senior product development manager, said, “The edible confetti baked inside the cake makes for a fun eating experience. I want to celebrate my birthday every day.”

Those attributes are brought to life with the fun, colorful packaging created by Janice Cornett, graphic designer. Of this design she says, “Who doesn’t want to open a box filled with eight miniature birthday cakes? I took the idea of birthdays and celebration literally by incorporating bursts of funfetti and large photography of the cake. The typography and background have texture and shadow overlays that make the elements resemble cut paper, or party favors. This combination lets these great treats sell themselves!”

“It is rewarding to see this product go from benchtop development to market launch as a result of the hard work and determination of the project team and production employees. Our delicious, colorful, confetti cake will be a hit at birthday celebrations or just for an everyday fun snack,” said Tresa Gay, food scientist.

McKee also announced Turtle Brownies, which includes the well-known flavor combinations of caramel, fudge and peanuts, paired with an oven-baked specialty brownie recipe. From the smooth, golden caramel made from scratch to the signature cocoa mix used to create the perfect brownie batter, only the best was put into this decadent addition to the bakery aisle. 

One of those responsible for crafting this recipe was food scientist Bill Kent. Of his work, Bill said, “The unique pairing of components and quality ingredients is what drives the delicious flavor profile in our new Turtle Brownie. There is not a brownie combination, new or old, that compares in flavor or eating experience to this new Little Debbie product.”

“For those that are familiar with our current Little Debbie Fudge Brownies and Cosmic Brownies, these will be a departure from the expected rectangle shape and fudgy texture,” said Erica Harrison, product manager.  “Instead, you can expect to bite into a round, pan-baked brownie that has an airy texture, which compliments the clean bite of the caramel and crunch of peanuts.  We’ve found the textures and flavors to be a great tasting mix, and ones we’re sure consumers will enjoy as well!”

Expect to see this new product in stores beginning in late April 2018.