Company: McKee Foods


Introduced: September 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.59

Product Snapshot: Little Debbie snacks has taken a fan favorite, Birthday Cakes, and created a new, mini, colorful, anytime treat! In this new mini-muffin format, you can expect the same birthday cake flavor from Little Debbie Birthday Cakes to be baked into this pop-able muffin, with bright colorful confetti inclusions. These sweet treats are packaged in individual pouches, making them the perfect grab-and-go celebration for those everyday moments.

Little Debbie product manager, Erica Harrison, had this to say: “Birthday Cake Mini Muffins were the obvious next choice when expanding our Mini Muffin/Brownie lineup. Birthday Cake is a top flavor in the Baked Sweet Goods category and we have seen great success with our Little Debbie Birthday Cakes. So, by taking the successful elements from a fan favorite and “mini muffin-izing” them, it made for a colorful addition to the brand that the entire family can enjoy!”

Little Debbie brand fans have been asking for a birthday cake muffin and now it’s time to celebrate the occasion! Be on the lookout as new Birthday Cake Mini Muffins join the Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins, Blueberry Mini Muffins and Mini Brownies family lineup in September!