BAKERpedia, the world’s largest go-to digital technical resource for commercial bakers and food innovators has partnered with AIB International (AIBI) to develop a new food safety section for bakers, bakeries, and quality assurance managers. The new section on the BAKERpedia website features 30 topics.

This recent collaboration is a direct response to the increased demand by bakeries for assistance with interpreting the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Timely knowledge and information sharing is critical as bakeries and bakers work to comply with new regulations.

“Since 2014, BAKERpedia has provided cutting-edge technical information that empowers the industry,” said Dr Lin Carson, CEO of BAKERpedia. “The production of high-quality sanitary food products is essential to the success of commercial bakers and bakeries. This partnership with AIBI will help our users improve the quality, safety and efficiency of the commercial baking ecosystem.

AIBI offers the baking industry expert commercial bakery training and consulting, in addition to food safety inspections, audits and training. Partnering with BAKERpedia on this technical content only solidifies AIBI’s position as the baker’s food safety expert.

“AIBI is truly a one-stop-shop for all of the needs a bakery might have in its quest to produce quality baked goods that are safe to eat,” said Brian Strouts, vice president, Baking and Food Technical Services. “This kind of partnership creates synergies for both sides of our organization.

Topics included in the new food safety section on BAKERpedia are sanitation, personnel practices, body fluids, allergens, transportation and storage, integrated pest management, maintenance, sanitary design, chemical control, air and water quality, operational methods, physical foreign material, temperature control, traceability, recall, microbial control, environmental monitoring, customer complaints, quality control, regulatory overview, FSMA, HACCP, self-inspections and internal audits.