Company: TIC Gums


Ingredient Snapshot: TIC Gums has added 13 Non-GMO Project Verified seals to ingredients in their existing portfolio, including acacia, gellan gum and guar products. According to the Non-GMO Project website, “the Non-GMO Project Verified seal gives shoppers the assurance that a product has completed a comprehensive third-party verification for compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard.”

Courtney Pineau, associate director at the Non-GMO Project says, “The Non-GMO Project applauds the achievements of TIC Gums in verifying a variety of its products and their commitment to providing consumers a transparent choice in the marketplace.”

With the addition of 13 new Non-GMO Project Verified seals, TIC Gums now offers 18 products that carry the seal. The verified products include single ingredient solutions and gum blends:

  • Ticagel Gellan DP NGMO
  • Ticagel Gellan HS NGMO
  • Ticaloid Pro OG 181
  • Ticaloid Pro OG D192
  • TICorganic Guar Gum 3500 F Powder
  • Pre-Hydrated Gum Arabic SF Powder
  • TIC Pretested Gum Arabic SF Powder
  • TIC Pretested Gum Arabic Spray Dry Powder
  • TICorganic Gum Arabic SF
  • Pre-Hydrated TICorganic Gum Arabic SF
  • TICorganic Arabic Spray Dry Powder
  • Pre-Hydrated TICorganic Arabic SD
  • Ticaxan Xanthan EC NGMO
  • Ticaxan Xanthan 200 EC NGMO
  • Ticaxan Xanthan NGMO
  • Ticaxan Xanthan 200-NGMO
  • Pre-Hydrated Ticaxan Rapid-3 NGMO
  • Pre-Hydrated Ticaxan Xanthan EC NGMO