Company: Flathau's Fine Foods


Introduced: September 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: Varies

Product Snapshot: Flathau's Fine Foods was founded in 2002 from a merger of two companies owned by the Flathau family. A decision was made by the Flathaus to focus full-time on the gourmet food industry at a national level. Flathau's Fine Foods was then born. As a result of numerous requests for specialty foods from their clientele, they created a unique, all-natural cheese straw. The couples' immediate success within the gourmet food industry led them to develop a sweet, Macadamia White Chocolate cookie as an accompaniment to the savory cheese straw.

A shortbread cookie was next on the list. Jeff wanted to produce one similar to the ones his grandmother baked. One day Jeff came home and found Heather beating a bag of peppermint candies with a hammer on the car port floor. Jeff figured she had lost her mind. But Heather had the crazy idea of putting bits of candy in the shortbread recipe she had been working on. It was a hit and the cookie with the candy crunch was born. Peppermint Snaps were first and Flathau's Fine Foods were on their way. They immediately began to develop other flavors of the snaps. Next they needed to have packaging. With the help of a local graphic artist, and through a collaborated effort, the Flathau's Gourmet Cookie brand came to life on gallon- and liter-size paint cans. The public response was overwhelming. Raspberry, Butterscotch and Key Lime flavors were next to be added to the line. The latest snap cookie flavor was Cinnamon, which now has a huge following. After Cinnamon, Jeff added the Plain Shortbread Cookie.

Flathaus offers a unique line of Holiday gift ideas including cans that are available in 16-oz and 6-oz sizes. New for this year is the 16-oz Holiday Assortment. This can includes Cheese Straws, Peppermint Shortbread, Key Lime Shortbread and Plain Shortbread. The company also offers Holiday Gift Sets, and the customer can choose the flavors in the gift sets.

Currently, the company is concentrating on the creation of new gourmet products and on the expansion of their export business. Flathau's Fine Foods strives daily to fulfill its mission statement, creating the greatest cookies in the world through superior quality, excellent pricing and value added customer service. Their client base includes major department stores, catalog companies, gift stores, gourmet and kitchenware shops and resorts. Flathaus also provides private labeling and co-branding opportunities. 

SRPs for the new products are as follows:

  • All-natural cheese straw (launched in January 2018): made with sharp cheddar, butter, flour, cayenne pepper, white vinegar, garlic and other spices. The SRP for the 16 oz can is $18.95; for the 6 oz can, its $12.95.
  • 16 oz. holiday assortment: this can includes a 4 oz package of cheese straws, a 4 oz package of Key Lime Shortbreads, a 4 oz package of Peppermint Shortbreads, and a 4 oz package of Plain Shortbread cookies. SRP is $18.95.
  • Maddy's Meltaway cookies: packed in 6 oz. cans and are only here for the holidays. Made with butter, sugar, pecans, and vanilla. $12.95 SRP.