Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery recently got the chance to speak with Melissa Trimmer, corporate chef and senior manager at Otis Spunkmeyer, about some upcoming food trends for 2019. 


Liz Parker: Will 2019 be the year of transparency in snack and bakery?

Melissa Trimmer: I think it will, we are still seeing ingredients like ancient grains, superfoods, and alternate protein sources rising. I think ingredients like these show that healthful eating, and thereby a focus on transparency is becoming more than a niche fad and has turned into the new “norm” for today and tomorrow’s consumers. When we first launched Otis Spunkmeyer’s “No Funky Stuff” promise in some of our larger foodservice portfolios—meaning no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or PHOs—we received a positive reaction from fans who were thrilled to see which ingredients we removed. I think this level of brand transparency will continue to trend into 2019.


LP: What will consumers crave next year in the snack/bakery space?

MT: Fun savory ingredients are top of mind right now—items like urfu chiles, miso, and healthy oils. I think we will continue to expand our horizons utilizing “ethnic” snacks and bakery items, and see exotic fruits pop up more and more. I don’t see doughnuts slowing down, and while all reports said that cupcakes were over, we continue to see the numbers rise. Pies have made a name for themselves especially in stand-alone pie shops (ala cupcakes 10 years ago), and fun takes on both soft serve and popsicles are penetrating both high end and casual spaces. At Otis Spunkmeyer, we’re incorporating ingredients like 100 percent sweet cream butter, pure vanilla extract and California raisins into our foods, which we anticipate will resonate well with consumers in the snacking space.


LP: In 2018, the food trends were ancient grains, jackfruit, and tahini, to name a few. What will be trending in 2019, specifically in the snack/bakery space?

MT: As a pastry chef, I’m really excited about the new Ruby chocolate that Barry Callebaut introduced and can’t wait for it to hit the marketplace, though I’m not certain when it will be available here in the U.S. We use Barry Callebaut chocolate in some of Otis Spunkmeyer’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies, and think these ingredients are such a big part of why our cookie does so well with fans. Additionally, I think we will see a larger focus on new sensations—whether it’s through fun colors from unexpected sources, different textures, or interesting flavor or brand mashups. These new sensations will certainly keep everyone’s Instagram feed full!