Naegele Inc. Bakery Systems announced the launch of its new website,, showcasing its wide variety of industrial bakery and pizza equipment. The redesigned website offers intuitive navigation and expert content to help food processors identify the best bakery solutions to optimize their production and increase their bottom line.

Naegele partners with world-class bakery equipment manufacturers to provide a complete portfolio of bakery processing solutions. These include:

  • Kaak Group: Dough makeup systems, including both dough sheeting and dough ball methods, as well as complete industrial bakery systems
  • Form & Frys: Dough forming and folding equipment
  • Apple Food Systems: Depositing systems
  • Senius Food Equipment: Tunnel ovens

Visitors to Naegele’s new website will be able to search these solutions by type of equipment (e.g., ovens, mixers, complete sheeting lines) or by application (baguettes, cakes, hearth breads, etc.). They can also view videos showing the solutions in action and read the blog to stay informed about industry trends.

“We’re excited about our new website and the enhanced information it provides to prospects and customers,” said Ken Hagedorn, Naegele’s vice president of sales and marketing. “The bakery industry is both growing and changing as consumers seek more convenient and higher-quality products. Our website will help commercial and industrial bakers identify the equipment they need to craft these products while increasing their throughput to meet the escalating demand.”

“Naegele is committed to helping our clients develop new products and successfully automate even the most challenging production requirements,” Hagedorn added. “Our new website provides the information food processors need to improve their processing lines and achieve their business goals.”

Naegele’s website will be updated regularly with information about consumer trends, the bakery industry, and new equipment and technologies. Visitors are encouraged to subscribe to the monthly newsletter to stay informed.