Company: Voortman Bakery

Introduced: May 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.19

Product Snapshot: Voortman Bakery, America’s fastest growing cookie manufacturer, has announced the return of its popular seasonal S’mores offerings with the release of a brand new cookie and the return of the classic S’mores Crème Wafer. This collection comes after Voortman’s fast-selling S’mores wafer quickly became a fan favorite last year.

Evoking a sense of nostalgia, the brand new S’mores cookie instantly takes consumers back to fond childhood memories of roasting marshmallows with chocolate and graham crackers over an open campfire. This baking feat combines all of the sweet and toasty flavors from the classic S’mores into a delicious cookie and wafer, and is made with all-natural ingredients that melt in your mouth. Pro tip: try heating up both treats in the microwave to get that warm, authentic S’mores taste.

Voortman’s latest S’mores offerings are in response to the massive feedback from its loyal customers and come as no surprise when considering the flavor category's high demand. A recent BrandPoint study also revealed over 2.1 million S’mores are consumed every day in the United States during the summer months.

Committed to quality, real ingredients, Voortman has turned a once seasonless wafer category limited to chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors, upside down with its unique seasonal collections, resulting in a dramatic increase in sales and renewed interest in the overall category.

Consumer interest in this category has exploded since Voortman Bakery’s rebrand hit the shelves, including an innovative and expansive flavor portfolio overhaul. A recent Nielson study reported that sales of Voortman Crème Wafers are up 25 percent over last year. Additionally, Voortman holds the highest growth rate in the category and has the highest ranking SKU’s in Crème Wafers.

“After an extremely successful launch of the S’mores wafer in 2018, we’re thrilled to further expand our seasonal S’mores collection with our new cookie,” said Ken Cross, CMO of Voortman Bakery. “Releasing seasonal flavors enables our customers to have the Voortman brand appropriately at their tables throughout the year. With new products being presented on shelves year-round, our customers constantly feel in the moment, allowing them to capture the flavors of the season for a limited time.”