AB Mauri North America


IBIE Booth #6653

A new line of wholesome favorites

When you choose Burgen premium whole grain bread concentrates from AB Mauri, you can be confident your customers will enjoy superior bread products packed with the best ingredients and offer both nutrition and deliciousness. Our inspired mix recipes are expertly formulated using carefully selected ingredients and yield crafted, tasty breads that offer a multi-sensorial experience with genuine health benefits.




Bay State Milling


IBIE Booth #7723

HealthSense High Fiber Wheat Flour

HealthSense high fiber wheat flour delivers over ten times the amount of dietary fiber of traditional wheat flour without compromise to performance, taste or texture. This makes HealthSense a beneficial option for a number of grain-based foods including breads, tortillas and pasta.

The fiber in HealthSense flour is naturally-occurring resistant starch and is considered intrinsic and intact under the proposed FDA definition of dietary fiber. This resistant starch breaks down more slowly and ferments in the gut for prebiotic power and a healthy gut microbiome. It’s a better-for-you fiber in a better-for-you flour.

HealthSense high fiber wheat flour is available to North American food manufacturers only from Bay State Milling. The company has developed robust supply chains of identity-preserved, non-GMO Project Verified wheat varieties by collaborating with best-in-class wheat breeders and farmers who share a common goal of feeding the world in a healthier way.




BluePrint Automation


IBIE Booth #6822

New Case Packer with Vision
Provides Versatility

The Spider 300v is a two-robot case loading system with vision allowing processors and co-packers to pack both vertical and horizontal on the same line at the same time. Built for high speed packing and quick changeover between recipes, the Spider 300v is capable of handling standard RSC cases, three-sided displays and a wide range of other secondary containers.

The Spider 300v features a new standard modular frame designed to reduce cost by minimizing wiring and significantly minimize footprint of the line by eliminating bulky external electrical cabinets.

Visit BPA at IBIE, Booth 6822, for live demos of the latest end-of-line packaging automation solutions.




Columbus Vegetable Oils


IBIE Booth #848

Animal Fats

From tortillas to pie crusts to cookies and donuts, animal fats are yet again growing in popularity and are better than ever. As a matter of fact, Columbus Vegetable Oils recently opened a separate facility to produce lard and AV shortening, to help meet this increasing demand.

There are many reasons for why animal fats are very popular and extremely functional for a variety of processes and applications. Additionally, they are domestically supplied, economical, high in quality and they contain high stability properties.

The functionality and flexibility of animal fats is yet further enhanced when these are combined with numerous vegetable oil options to provide the ideal melt properties, texture, flavor profile, shelf-life and stability, along with a variety of soft properties desired these days by many manufacturers.




Douglas Machines Corp.


IBIE Booth #4852

Tunnel Washers

Tunnel washers are essential tools in the baking industry’s fight against soil and contaminants. Conveyorized Tunnel Washers from Douglas not only defeat the advancement of harmful bacteria and mold but also penetrates the most vulnerable container areas to extract harmful soil and particles.

Versatile Tunnel Washers effectively and efficiently clean various container sizes and shapes. Select from 40+ standard models or a custom-designed solution. Ideal washer factors include type/quantity of items to be washed, type of soil/contaminant removal, desired wash time, heating options, future needs, space limitations and budgetary considerations.

To meet your specific needs, equipment can be constructed for space or water savings and inline or off-line use. Customers have realized up to a 25% savings in costs when using these hard-working machines.

Options include single or multiple lane designs, fixed or adjustable Product Guides, TEFC or Wash-Down Duty Motors, and Data Loggers for accurate, automated food safety reporting.



Fortress Technology


IBIE Booth #7109

Tackling drain on productivity and profits

Visitors to IBIE will see how the Halo Automatic Testing from Fortress verifies the performance and reject system with minimal disruption to the production line and resources. By eliminating human error and limiting production disruptions, Halo can save thousands of dollars per line. Increasing the volume of lanes to inspect product ranges can also boost productivity. For this, Fortress created the multi-aperture metal detector. Custom built to match most lane configurations, the system can perform high-speed metal detection and reduce total cost of ownership by up to 65 percent by drastically reducing the amount of product wasted per reject event. Also new to the show is the Interceptor DF (Divergent Field) created for the inspection of high value, low-profile foods like cookies and snack bars running across a conveyor.




Mettler Toledo Product Inspection


IBIE Booth #4433

Inspection systems

METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection will exhibit several of its most-effective systems for inspecting ingredients and finished baked products, including Mettler Toledo’s popular Profile Advantage metal detector inspecting frozen bread as it thaws, a challenge for traditional metal detectors that often produces multiple false rejects. One of Mettler Toledo’s gravity flow metal detectors, used throughout the baking industry to inspect granular and powdered ingredients, will be exhibited with four improvements that increase the productivity, quality and worker safety of the unit. They will also demonstrate the company’s ProdX data collection and management software that can be linked to all systems within a company or facility and monitored on a single PC, either onsite or remotely.






IBIE Booth #6217

Vemag Process Check 715 Checkweigher

The Vemag Process Check 715 Checkweigher ensures the highest levels of dough scaling accuracy. The inline Process Check 715 is ideal for all dough dividing lines where consistently accurate weights are critical. Portion weights can be affected by a number of variables, including changes in the dough, product temperature, density and even machine wear. The PC715 communicates directly with the Vemag Dough Divider to compensate for those variables, continuously fine-tuning each dough portion to increase on-weight percentages—with no operator intervention. The PC715 tightens up the standard deviation of the divider and allows the baker to reduce the target weight and giveaway while increasing profits. An optional reject system automatically rejects off-weights. See the Vemag PC715 in action at IBIE, Reiser Booth #6217.




Sasa Demarle


IBIE Booth #6868

VARIO by Sasa Modular Baking Rack

Innovative: A new easy-to-assemble and completely modular rack. It is customizable with multiple dimensions and additional accessories are available. It can also be used for in-store advertising!

Easier storage: The new VARIO rack allows the user to assemble it very easily. The wheels are easily clipped and can be changed without the help of a technician. The rack is delivered flat and disassembled for optimal storage.

Space-saving: The VARIO rack can be furnished with many accessories to save space in the workplace: tool for drying mats and flexible molds, retractable worktop, hanging storage box, etc.

Greater visibility: The VARIO rack is completely customizable with in-store advertising. It becomes a great communication tool: promote information, display graphics, etc. It is also perfect for showrooms and stores!

600x800 mm / 600x400 mm format: Accessory packs are available; also comes in a “fully assembled” option.




Schubert North America, LLC


IBIE Booth #7303

lightline Flowpacker

Schubert is exhibiting its new lightline Flowpacker. The lightline Flowpacker combines a Pickerline and a Flowmodul in one system. The seamlessly integrated Flowpacker is equipped with a new patented heat-sealing technology: An ultrasonic sealing system closes the flow-pack’s longitudinal seam, then a sealing system with a flying cross-sealing unit is applied (heat sealing). The flying cross-sealing unit adapts to the variable speeds of the upstream pick-and-place robots and ensures high sealing quality with constant sealing times. Customers benefit from the fast delivery, as well as the attractive price, and can use the pre-configured lightline Flowpacker within a very short time. Its space-saving design, unbeatable efficiency and excellent quality control are further advantages for packaging different product formats into flow-packs—whether flat or lying on the side, stacked or pre-packed.




Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery


IBIE Booth #1326

Best in Baking, Flavor Pavilion, Bakery of the Year and more

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery covers industry trends related to new products, ingredients, equipment, technology and packaging to help improve business issues throughout product development, including R&D, supply-chain management, formulation, processing, packaging, warehousing and distribution. At IBIE 2019, SF&WB will honor companies that qualified for the 2019 IBIE BEST in Baking Program. SF&WB will also present its 2019 Bakery of the Year Award. In addition, snack-focused flavor trends will be on display in the IBIE debut the Flavor Pavilion, sponsored by SF&WB and SNAC International.






IBIE Booth #6087

Inclusion Reduction Solutions: The Diversacut 2110a Dicer

Rely on the high capacity DiversaCut 2110A Dicer by Urschel to deliver quality reductions of inclusions. The dicer, sanitary stainless steel in design with hinged access panels, operates at the push of a button. Different cutting set-ups allow your choice of uniform, precision dices of various fruits or popular small to medium granulations of all types of cookies, cakes, brownies, or candies. View a slideshow of various products or glance through the “How to Cut Bakery & Snack Food Products” brochure at www.urschel.com.




Van der Graaf


IBIE Booth #4457

SSV Series Drum Motors

Van der Graaf’s strong focus in sanitation and innovation, has propelled the USDA approved SSV Series Drum Motors to the forefront of food processing conveyor designs. By adhering to high quality standards and utilizing cutting edge technology in-house manufacturing since 1985, our drum motors exceed current industry demands in sanitation and operator safety.

The latest all 316 stainless steel continuous profile design SSV Drum Motor has the belt profile machined directly on to the drum, to drive modular, wire mesh and monolithic thermoplastic conveyor belts without the use of sprockets. It does not have crevices for food by-products to get trapped, reduces conveyor-cleaning time and eliminates areas for bacteria to harbor, contributing to a higher level of sanitation.

The newly developed IntelliDrive design drum motor incorporates permanent magnet motor technology with integrated VFD, simplifies the selection of belt speed and yields up to 72% electrical savings compared to external motor/gearbox conveyor drive.




Wire Belt Company of America


IBIE Booth #5331

Enhanced Hygienic Conveyors

Wire Belt Company of America, the leading manufacturer of open-mesh stainless steel conveyor belting released an enhanced line of Hygienic Conveyors available in the Flex-Turn, Ladder-Flex spreading/converging and Straight conveyors. For more than 85 years Wire Belt has been bringing solutions to difficult conveying challenges in industries as varied as food processing, electronics, and automotive. The Hygienic range of conveyors delivers the highest possible hygiene control, meeting and exceeding the guidelines set out by the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) and other advisory bodies.

Wire Belt’s Enhanced Hygienic Conveyors solve a collection of sanitary issues that food processing plants and various types of other manufacturing facilities face on a regular basis. These hygienic options are available in the Flex-Turn Conveyor, Ladder-Flex spreading and converging conveyor and Straight conveyors. The purified upgrades offer solutions such as simplified wash-through construction, open section leg frames, clean-in-place, stand-off motor and bearings, high density blue plastic components, and allow no places for bacteria and allergens to hide.