Company: Florida Food Products

Ingredient Snapshot: Florida Food Products officially unveiled its new line of fermented vegetable juices at the 2019 IFT trade show.

Florida Food Products’ new line of liquid and powdered lactic acid fermented vegetable products currently includes beet, carrot, onion, and mushroom. These ingredients are excellent options to create great-tasting and on-trend flavors for a variety of functional food and beverage applications.

“Fermented ingredients offer brand owners an opportunity to create or reimagine their products to align with their customers’ desire for clean label, authentic products. We’ve been a leading supplier of fruit- and vegetable-based ingredients for over six decades, and the entrance into the fermented ingredient market was a natural step for us,” said Christopher Naese, Florida Food Products’ vice president of business development.

The centerpiece of Florida Food Products’ fermented ingredient line is its beet juice, which possesses a pleasing fruitiness and deep color with a reduced earthiness associated with beetroots.

It is an ideal solution for food and beverage brands looking to add an attractive and memorable color and dynamic flavor to their formulation while keeping sugars low and labels clean. Florida Food Products recently published a white paper on the health benefits of fermented beet juice.

Fermented foods are part of a larger movement in the food and beverage industry toward authentic natural ingredients that provide colors and flavors from foodstuffs.

MidOcean Partners acquired Florida Food Products in September 2018 and is investing in the company’s continued growth and expansion to better serve its customers worldwide. Earlier this year, Florida Food Products added Shellie Kramer to its leadership team as its Senior Market Development Manager.

Florida Food Products’ new product line will be officially unveiled at IFT booth 4221, where it will be sampling food and beverage products made with its fermented beet juice and other fruit- and vegetable-based ingredients.

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