Ciranda, Inc. partnered with Matco Foods last year to deliver a new reliable source of organic brown and clarified rice syrups to the North American market, with a focus on sustainability and farmer prosperity. After a successful market introduction, the companies have expanded the rice syrup program to include additional dextrose equivalency (DE) levels, while continuing to increase their social and environmental impact.

In January and April, Matco Foods and Ciranda focused efforts towards tuberculosis (TB) eradication by organizing TB screening camps where nearly 400 of Matco’s staff and area rice farmers were screened and given a digital chest x-ray. Tuberculosis is a contagious bacterial infection that is curable and preventable. According to the World Health Organization’s Global Tuberculosis Report 2018, TB is prevalent in Pakistan with over 350,000 estimated new or relapsed cases each year. The country is ranked in the top twenty countries for TB and multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) globally, making Pakistan a high-burden country. Early detection is critical for preventing this curable disease and increasing the chance of survival for area rice growers.

Also this year, Matco Foods completed the installation of solar panels on the rice syrup manufacturing facility in Karachi, Pakistan, with a projected annual estimate of 308 metric tonnes per year in CO2 emissions reduction. This is equivalent to the CO2 sequestration achieved by planting 15,376 trees per year.

Rice syrup supplied by Ciranda and Matco Foods is produced in a state-of-the-art glucose syrup facility. The program now includes organic brown and clarified rice syrups in DE 27, 42, 45 (high maltose) and 60. Conventional non-GMO rice syrup is also available, offering the same social project benefits to improve the livelihood of rice growers in the rice belt of Pakistan.