Company: Honolulu Cookie Company

Introduced: June 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $6.95-$20.95

Product Snapshot: Honolulu Cookie Company is celebrating summer with a fresh-look 2019 Summer Collection that includes the brand new seasonal flavor of matcha (green tea). This new collection is part of this year’s “Share Aloha Campaign” that embraces the belief that when the Spirit of Aloha is shared, it is done so with consideration of the well-being of others, and that this is a kindness and compassion that allows a relationship to form.

“As we welcome visitors to our shores, we invite them to be part of the larger experience of hospitality and enjoyment that will stay with them even longer than one of our premium shortbread cookie collections,” said Honolulu Cookie Company general manager, Ryan Sung. He added, “Whether you visit one of our 13 stores in Hawaii, 3 in Las Vegas or 2 in Guam you will be welcomed, offered a sample, and we hope we’ll have made your day a little better.

Today the taste of matcha, or ground green tea leaves, is becoming more and more popular in a variety of recipes world-wide. When infused into the creamy sweetness of rich white chocolate, it pairs perfectly with Honolulu Cookie Company’s premium shortbread cookies for a summer treat. The new matcha dipped macadamia flavor will be available for a limited time in all retail locations and online at
The Aloha Matcha Collection includes:
Aloha Matcha Box 
The earthy taste of matcha has long been a popular flavor in teas, desserts, and more. Now, added to a creamy chocolate, it pairs beautifully with our premium shortbread cookies, creating a new matcha dipped macadamia shortbread cookie. Enjoy the Aloha Matcha Box with the subtle sweetness of matcha paired with our popular chocolate chip macadamia flavor as a yummy summer treat! 
Aloha Matcha Tin 
Savor a matcha treat with the premium shortbread cookies of the Aloha Matcha Tin. Enjoy our summer seasonal taste along with a couple of our favorite classic flavors. It’s a summer gift with a subtle essence to be enjoyed with a warm breeze and a gorgeous view. 
The new Summer Collection includes:
Aloha Window Box MD 
Showcase your taste for Aloha with the Medium Aloha Window Box! This collection of tropical fruit and chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies makes a wonderful gift for those visits to loved ones or evenings in. 
Aloha Purse 
The Aloha Purse is a stylish way to travel to the islands with every bite of our premium shortbread cookies. The height of fashion and of flavor! 
Aloha Suitcase Tin 
Our Aloha Suitcase Tin solves the question of where you’re going to store all those shortbread cookie gifts when you travel! Loaded with flavor, this collection of favorite flavors can be unpacked whenever you want to travel to Hawaii with the taste of premium shortbread cookies. 

For the Summer Matcha Collection, SRPs run from $6.95 (small box) to $12.95 (cylindrical tin). For the Aloha Summer Collection, the Aloha Window Box is $16.95, the Aloha Purse retails for $10.95, and the Aloha Suitcase Tin retails for $20.95.