Company: Honolulu Cookie Company

Introduced: April 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $5.95 (tins), $9.95 (clutches)

Product Snapshot: The Honolulu Cookie Company celebrates the launch of their refreshed and vibrantly colorful Floral Collection. The new eye-catching packaging showcases the unique beauty and flavors of Hawaii.
General manager Ryan Sung said, “Our new Floral Collection features designs inspired by the colorful flowers and lush foliage that are both gorgeous and meaningful to people here in the islands.” Adding, “With Mother’s Day just around the corner, this is the perfect way to reward Mom for everything she does with a true gift of Aloha.”
The new Floral Collection offers a variety of pineapple-shaped shortbread cookie flavors and gift packaging:

  • Floral Tin Chocolate Collection. The vibrant colors of the Floral Tin Chocolate Collection are as beautiful as the cookies inside are delicious. This collection of chocolate dipped premium shortbread cookies features a variety of rich flavors showcasing our milk, dark, and white chocolate treats. 
  • Floral Tin Tropical Collection. The Floral Tin Tropical Collection is inspired by the warmth of the islands. Hawaii-inspired flavors are collected for a treat that brings a taste of paradise to you. 
  • Floral Tin Premium Collection. The Floral Tin Premium Collection brings together rich chocolate and warm tropical flavors in this bright assortment of treats. Enjoy the very best premium shortbread cookies from Hawaii to you. 
  • Floral Clutch Premium Collection. Enjoy a stylish, on-the-go treat with the Floral Clutch Premium Collection! A taste of chocolate, a taste of tropical fruit, and a taste of paradise in this adorable cookie clutch. 
  • Floral Window Box Chocolate Collection. Our premium shortbread cookies, hand-dipped in rich chocolates, are on full display in the vibrant floral package. Enjoy a collection of milk, white, and dark chocolate decadence in our Floral Window Box Chocolate Collection! 
  • Floral Window Box Tropical Collection. Enjoy this window to the warmth of the islands with our Floral Window Box Tropical Collection. Chocolate chips and tropical fruit flavors keep the tastes light and carry the scents of Hawaii in every gift. 
  • Floral Window Box Premium Collection. The Floral Window Box Premium Collection features the most popular flavors of premium shortbread cookies. Indulge in rich chocolates and tropical fruit flavors in this brightly designed display box that captures inspiration of Hawaii in each gift. 

Each of these would make a perfect gift to share or to indulge in yourself while enjoying the warm Aloha hospitality of Hawaii.