Company: Multi-Conveyor LLC

Equipment Snapshot: Multi-Conveyor recently built a stainless steel welded, washdown sanitary trough conveyor to transport balls of bakery dough. The 6' long urethane belt conveyor feeds and discharges from existing conveyors. This particular section is so sanitary that the company didn't even want to run demo product on the belt.

This super clean trough design includes holes for  easy cleaning; 2-pin pull belt removal for maintenance and no wear strips.  The belt itself is formed in a "U" shape for product stability.

NTR belt removal takes mere seconds/minutes, allows for easy maintenance and simplistic changeovers, alleviates unnecessary toolboxes and tools for increased operator safety. The tool-less pin-pull approach allows the operator to remove the belt in mere seconds for routine maintenance. 

Note:  There is no guarding on this particular system but Multi-Conveyor does recommend guarding in most cases for safety purposes.

Bottom drip pans with clean and drain spouts were incorporated to catch the balled dough residue. The system has a 12" incline from the 42" T.O.C. (top of conveyor) infeed elevation  to the 54" T.O.C. discharge elevation.

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