Company: Silver Hills Bakery


Introduced: September 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $5.49 (USA), $6.49 (CAN)

Product Snapshot: Silver Hills Bakery, a Canadian company in sprouted products, will debut its newest product, Sprouted Power Soft Wheat English Muffins, at the 2019 Natural Products Expo East (booth #1036) and 2019 Canada Health Food Association East (booth #635). Made with organic sprouted whole grains and organic wheat flour, the better-for-you English muffins are packed with nutrition thanks to Silver Hills' signature sprouting process. The product will be rolling out in both Canadian and U.S. retailers in the coming months.

All Silver Hills Bakery products are non-GMO, plant-based and made with nutrient-rich, high-fiber whole grains sprouted in clean, fresh Canadian water. Silver Hills Bakery sprouts all grains under optimal, carefully controlled conditions, soaking them for many hours with just the right amount of moisture and warmth for important enzymes to reach peak activation. Sprouting grains ensures blood sugar levels stay steady, providing energy to power a full day's work or play. Plus, essential nutrients, like B vitamins and vitamin C, are made more available to the body, providing a boost of focus and mental alertness.

Additionally, all Silver Hills Bakery products are certified as Glyphosate Residue Free and display the Bio-Checked Non Glyphosate Certified seal. With this, consumers can feel confident that Silver Hills Bakery uses third-party testing to confirm the absence of this pesticide which the World Health Organization classifies as a "probable carcinogen," or cancer-causing substance.

"Consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious and they're looking for a greater variety of nutritious, everyday options that taste great – we're excited to continue to give them that with this latest product offering," says Stan Smith, co-founder of Silver Hills Bakery. "Our new English Muffins are delicious served soft out of the bag or classically crisped in a toaster, while still offering the great health benefits of sprouted grains and high fiber that consumers are seeking."

Silver Hills Bakery will be sampling the Sprouted Power Soft Wheat English Muffins at Natural Products Expo East 2019 in Baltimore, MD at booth #1036 and at the 2019 Canada Health Food Association East in Toronto, CA (booth #635). They join the Silver Hills Bakery full suite of delicious sprouted products, including sprouted breads, buns and tortillas.