Company: ZENB

Introduced: September 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $17.99 (box of six)

Product Snapshot: ZENB, a plant-based food company that launched earlier this year, announced the roll out of two new flavors in its Veggie Stick product line: Pumpkin and Carrot. The savory, fall-inspired Veggie Sticks bring ZENB fans a total of five flavor options as the company continues to innovate new ways to deliver wholesome vegetables in convenient snacking options.

The new Veggie Stick flavors, available year-round, boast 3-4g of fiber, 3g of protein and are less than 150 calories each per serving. By using organic, whole vegetables, ZENB's Veggie Sticks offer a good source of daily fiber and clean ingredients in every stick. As part of a commitment to using whole, fiber-rich vegetables, ZENB also incorporates parts of the vegetables that are often thrown away, like the seeds of the pumpkin and peel of the carrot. Thanks to a rigorous sourcing and manufacturing process, ZENB's Veggie Sticks are gluten-free, vegan, and USDA organic, and offer consumers a clean label option for any occasion.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new Pumpkin and Carrot flavors to consumers just in time for the fall season. These flavors are sure to appeal with their savory taste profiles, colorful appearance and ode to the season,” says Christiane Paul, CMO of ZENB. “Moving forward, our commitment is to not only develop more Veggie Stick flavors like these, but also to provide a comprehensive line of plant-based, delicious products that fit into multiple dining occasions.”

Each Veggie Stick flavor offers a unique taste profile for an elevated snacking experience. Using the whole pumpkin, including skin and seeds, Pumpkin Veggie Sticks offer full-flavored veggie taste with a touch of cinnamon & nutmeg that’s perfect for the fall but can be enjoyed all year long. For on-the-go fiber and nutrition, the Carrot Veggie Sticks, made with the whole carrot, including the skin, offer the taste of organically grown carrots with a hint of flavorful coriander.

ZENB’s Veggie Sticks come in five distinct flavors: Corn, Beet, Red Bell Pepper, Carrot and Pumpkin. They are available all year direct-to-consumer via single sale and subscription boxes on, starting at $17.99 for a box of six. ZENB also offers a free trial pack (plus $4.99 shipping & handling and applicable tax) for veggie-lovers to try multiple flavors. Subject to terms and conditions, please see for more information.