Company: AMCO Proteins

Ingredient Snapshot: AMCO Proteins has launched HG-80, an all-natural plant-based dough conditioner that reduces mix time. HG-80 is an enzymatically hydrolyzed vital wheat gluten that is naturally rich in peptide-bonded glutamine (26 percent minimum). HG-80 provides functional benefits at low usage rates to many baked products like breads, rolls, flatbreads, pizza crusts, crackers, cookies and flour tortillas.

As a functional protein, HG-80 is both heat and pH stable, as well as highly water soluble. It has a neutral, non-bitter flavor profile with the following functional benefits:

  • Reduces mix times
  • Increases dough extensibility
  • Decreases dough snap back
  • Aids in browning
  • Cost-effective at small usage rate

AMCO Proteins designed studies to understand what effects HG-80 has on various doughs, specifically white bread and flour tortillas. In these studies, it was determined that HG-80 significantly reduced mix times for both bread and tortilla at 0.5 percent use rate. At this usage rate, we saw significant decreases in time, dough achieved optimal development, improvements in loaf gas retention and maintenance in crumb structure. For tortillas, key manufacturing attributes like diameter and stack height were not affected compared to controls. And for white bread, HG-80 significantly improved loaf gas retention and volume with zero impact on dough machinability.

According to Nancy Kraus, VP at AMCO Proteins, “HG-80 was originally launched as a nutritional product, but after extensive research by our R&D team, we were able to identify key functional benefits of HG-80 as a dough conditioner in baked applications.” AMCO Proteins’ team is excited to offer a functional plant protein hydrolysate as part of their product portfolio.