Company: Manildra Group USA

Ingredient Snapshot: To meet food manufacturers’ and consumers’ demand for added protein and simple, trusted ingredients, Manildra Group USA developed three clean label wheat protein isolates: GemPro Plus, GemPro Prime-W and GemPro Prime-E. Manildra’s food scientists created these wheat protein isolates for manufacturers in the growing clean label market, where consumers prefer products made with simply processed ingredients they recognize, understand and trust. Also, these new proteins are available as either organic or conventional, creating opportunity in the growing high protein organic baked goods and plant-based meats segments.

“The strengths of our new proteins are unique functionality and versatility of application. Better yet, they are truly clean label,” explains Brook Carson, vice president of product development and marketing. “One aspect that differentiates these products from others is the extremely clean flavor profile. Adding these proteins to a product will not have a negative impact on flavor. This allows an increased level of protein to be used when formulating high protein products.”

GemPro’s latest wheat protein isolates are produced from Manildra’s premier high quality wheat protein. All three proteins are prepared via a unique and proprietary process using naturally occurring ingredients. This all-natural production process gives manufacturers’ peace of mind that they are using the highest quality ingredients in their finished products.

GemPro Plus is a clean label wheat protein isolate with 85 percent protein content, and brings moderate elasticity and extensibility to dough systems. It improves the machinability of dough (especially whole grain doughs) and adds firmness to pasta products. It is particularly useful as an egg replacer and as a protein improver in bakery products. 

GemPro Prime-W is a clean label wheat protein isolate with 90 percent protein content. It helps with whipping for aeration and softness, enhances the texture and protein content of bakery products, breakfast cereals, snacks and nutritional products, as well as improves freeze-thaw stability. Applications include batter-type products, such as pancakes, muffins and brownies, as well as frostings, fillings, nutritional bars and more.

GemPro Prime-E is a clean label wheat protein isolate with 90 percent protein. It increases extensibility in dough systems, improving the machinability and relaxation of dough, and enhances the texture and protein content of many products. Prime-E is perfect for applications where both the gluten network and proper sheeting characteristics are critical. Superior dough strength is ensured to prevent tearing associated with coarse ingredients such as nuts and seeds. Its film-forming quality also improves freezer stability.

“At Manildra, we are keenly aware that our customers’ success depends on the reliability of our ingredients. Our team works tirelessly to meet the high quantity and quality demands for our customers in the food industry, creating a better finished product with a clean, simple label,” says Carson.