Company: Green Park Brands

Introduced: March 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $7.99 (8-count multi-packs)

Product Snapshot: When looking at today’s kids snacking landscape, and the increasing childhood obesity problem, Mavericks recognized a severe lack of cool, kid-first, better-for-you brands that speak to Mavericks, the demographic the company has defined as 4-11 years old. So, in 2019, Mavericks Snacks was born, a new kid-first, better-for-you snack brand that empowers kids to fuel their greatness through wholesome and delicious snacks, with lower sugar and more whole grain compared to leading competitors.

Mavericks Snacks makes lightning bolts of goodness for adventures of all shapes and sizes—snacks that literally come in fun lightning bolt shapes that also double as an “M” for Mavericks! Using high quality, all natural, non-GMO ingredients that are school safe (no peanuts), Mavericks Snacks delivers kid-first flavors, like birthday cake and pizza, without the junk (free from artificial colors, preservatives, sugar alcohols, and syrups)! Mavericks Snacks believes in taking meaningful positions regarding sugar and whole grain, and worked with a pediatric nutritionist to create offerings best suited for its demographic’s needs, not retro-fitting adult offerings for kids! All six items within its portfolio meet the USDA’s “smart snacks” requirements, come in 8-count multi-packs, and feature an interactive game in every box.

Cookiez: ‘For Smart Cookiez’, they have 40 percent less sugar than the leading competitor, with only 5g sugar per serving. Offered in 3 kid-first flavors, including:

• non-stop choc

• birthday cake

• double trouble choc


Crackerz: ‘Super Snackers Eat Crackerz’, a better-for-you option made with whole grains (8g per serving)! Offered in 3 kid-first flavors, including:

• eazy cheesy

• itza pizza

• straight-up original