Company: Holton Food Products

Ingredient Snapshot: Holton Food Products has supplied the baking and prepared foods industries with stabilizing systems for over 60 years. Through extensive research and development, Holton has successfully created a new plant-based technology for commercial scale operations with equivalent performance to egg whites.

This new multi-function product line has an outstanding, stable foam structure, with extended shelf life as compared to traditional egg white systems. Its excellent freeze thaw stability enables bakers to produce and freeze products with a compatible texture and mouth feel of freshly baked goods.

In addition to baking, these products have applications in the confectionery and beverage areas as well. Maintaining the texture and chewing qualities of confectionery products and providing superior whipping for beverage toppings are just two of the wide variety of the benefits this line offers.

Satisfying the growing needs of the vegan market, this product is GMO-free, providing gluten-free, allergen-free and Kosher certified options in a field with many new and challenging demands.  This new plant-based technology presents many opportunities to manufacturers.