Company: Eco-Cuisine, Inc.

Ingredient Snapshot: Finally, a high quality, easy to prepare and low cost powdered plant-based egg substitute that can be used in almost any recipe calling for eggs has arrived. The challenge of making an eggless quiche, white cake, scrambled eggs, or French toast is history.

Developed by a vegan Culinologist chef, who became vegan in 1976, this Plant-based Basic “Egg Style” Quick Mix is designed for ease of prep and to meet the expectations of inspired home cooks, professional chefs, and pastry chefs looking for a multifunctional egg replacement. It is unequaled as a multifunctional plant-based egg product in that it surprisingly functions like as an egg would in a recipe.

From Omelets, to Quiches, French toast, Zucchini Pancakes, Layer Cakes, Scrambled eggs, binder in plant based proteins, and breading vegetables, this product stands out in performance, taste, nutrition, and competitive cost. One half oz. is all that is needed per 8-inch cake. Add to flour, sugar, baking powder, oil, and vanilla and the cook has the white cake pictured above.

The egg-like flavor coupled with a vegan butter and black pepper makes an excellent scramble and compliments any recipe application and its flavor. It is exceptional in its performance as a stand alone egg or in recipes. As in cooking with eggs, it offers a variety of textures and flavors depending on recipe application and cooking technique.

Available on Amazon and through foodservice distributors in one two-pound case has eight four ounce packages which yields sixteen pounds of egg.  And Amazon cost is approximately fifty to seventy-five percent lower than most competitive vegan egg product. Shelf life is one year and up to two years depending on storage conditions.