Company: Weidmuller Inc.

Technology Snapshot: Weidmuller Inc.’s D-SERIES offers economical relays for the separation of input and output signals in industrial automation. The D-SERIES is designed for industrial applications with a wide range of relay pinning types. With up to 28 connection points per socket, they have a considerable influence on the wiring time during installation. Weidmueller’s D-Series sockets with PUSH IN terminals significantly reduce the wiring time- up to 75 percent. Integrated cross-connect options provide quick and easy power distribution. Each connection has an additional test tap, which simplifies maintenance work.

The DRM relays delivers compact design combined with high switching capacity. The series is available in a wide array of variations including 1, 2 and 4 CO contacts, and offers a wide range of control voltages from 12 VDC to 230 VAC with switching currents from 5 A to 30A. The relays have built-in LED or test buttons for quick visual inspection of functionality.

The D-SERIES DRI relay is Weidmueller’s space-saving miniature industrial relay- a slim 16 mm wide- with robust pins for assured and safe installation. Relays are available in 1 CO contact (10 A) and 2 CO contacts (5 A), also with built-in LED or test buttons. The DRI series sockets also supply Weidmueller’s PUSH IN technology and utilize cross-connection for less labor required.

Weidmuller delivers D-SERIES Relays fully assembled and function-tested KITs. Each KIT is completely assembled, and 100 percent function tested—all under a single part number—reducing selection errors and the storage needed. From selection to storage to installation, Weidmuller’s D-SERIES Relays and Kits for use in Industrial Environments save time and money.