Company: A&D Inspection


Equipment Snapshot: A&D Inspection recently released two new pieces of equipment, the AD-4971 Series Metal Detector and the AD-4961 Checkweigher.

Its new AD-4971 Series Metal Detector provides baking industry companies with in-line quality assurance systems that ensure safe products – efficiently and cost-effectively.

The newly-released metal detector allows manufacturers to conduct high-sensitivity detection, with a phase tracking function that allows for the minimization of false rejects and provides for consistent high-sensitivity inspection. For example, A&D’s metal detection technology is able to determine if oxygen absorbers have been placed inside packaging without having to use more costly methods, or detect if metal contaminants are contained inside foil-enclosed packaging, such as breads or other snacks.

In addition, the AD-4971 Metal Detector has been designed to IP65 standards when it comes to protection from dust and water, and its hygienic design means the entire system is easily washable to maintain a clean work environment. Production line users can easily upload product images using a USB drive, which makes product identification quick and easy. The module features a high-visibility touch-panel LCD color screen, with a user-friendly interface and optional audio guidance support function, and has the ability to hold up to 1,000 different product types, divided into 10 distinct categories.

The Metal Detector can also work in tandem with new AD-4961 Series Checkweigher through simple digital input and output mapping, which provides users with the ability to easily expand assembly quality controls or implement such components as a rejector, to ensure product compliance and safety with no down-time on assembly lines.

The Checkweigher gives baking industry manufacturers the ability to increase quality and significantly reduce overall production costs within their operations by minimizing the giveaway of materials above predetermined weights, as well as ensuring compliance by identifying products that are underweight.

The AD-4961 Checkweigher features the following key benefits:

• A newly designed digital load cell and an ultra high-speed processing module, allowing it to deliver an unmatched level of precision weighing and measurement at .08g +/-;
• Its standard digital inputs and outputs provide high degrees of user flexibility, allowing for HMI interfacing or the connection of external devices, as well as future expansion to the system;
• A high-visibility touch-panel color LCD screen with a user-friendly interface, including an audio guidance support function;
• Easy upload of product images, to make product identification highly efficient;
• Ability to reach speeds of up to 400 pieces per minute;
• Enhanced protection from dust and water to IP65 standards; and
• A modular design, which allows for quick installation or relocation, and simple maintenance.

In all, the AD-4961 Checkweigher has four main units, including an in-feed conveyor, a weighing conveyer, a control unit and a base unit. The system also offers a wide variety of reject options, adding to its versatility. Users also do not need to wait for a service engineer to respond to a system shutdown, as they are able to replace any unresponsive modules and significantly reduce potential downtime.

The AD-4961 Checkweigher was the recipient of this year’s North America Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership award.