All communities deserve convenient and affordable access to fresh food and building community gardens can bring people together to help make this a reality.

On April 1st, 2020, in agreement with the Town of East Hartford, Conn., Bakery On Main, a breakfast and snack food company established Growing Roots Community Garden, a non-profit community garden.

Located on Goodwin Street in East Hartford, Conn., the garden sits on .63 acres of land leased from the Town of East Hartford. Employees of Bakery On Main have volunteered over the last several months as a community service project to help bring this garden to life.

To date, hundreds of pounds of fresh organic produce have been delivered to the center.

From Michael Smulders, president and founder, “We are excited to bring fresh organic vegetables to those in need in our community and to help support community farms. The Growing Roots Community Garden will enable us to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for East Hartford Community Groups including the Senior Center and the local Food Bank for many years to come.”

Bakery On Main’s new Community Garden Growing Roots will be maintained by Bakery On Main employees during year one as a community service project. Every week, Michael and the Bakery On Main team make fresh food deliveries to the local East Hartford Senior Center and Food Bank. The garden is open from March 1st to November 1st and is accessible through a parking area located off of Goodwin Street, East Hartford, Conn.

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