As part of its 65th year anniversary celebration, JLS recently held a virtual Founder’s Day event on Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

Media were taken on a live virtual tour of its plant, including some vintage items, and took a trip down memory lane, ranging from the 1950s, when Jou Souser started J.L. Souser & Associates, to the present-day JLS. 

Guest speaker Markey Culver, founder & CEO, The Women’s Bakery, spoke on how JLS is supporting women bakers and the communities in East Africa. The Women's Bakery launched its third bakery in Rwanda two years ago, built next to Rwanda's oldest refugee camp, and both Congo and refugee women are employed at the bakery. JLS will be giving a check to The Women's Bakery soon, as well.

In addition, Tim Hadding of National Beef Packing spoke about the importance of teamwork and leadership when it comes to success, and how he’s partnered with JLS to optimize his operations.

JLS President and CEO Craig Souser shared his 3-ingredient recipe for success and reflected on the company’s transformation throughout the years—his father Joseph L. Souser founding the company in 1955 to Craig running the company with his mother Polly, and eventually taking over as president—and how the company has built a reputation on hard work, unmatched customer service and developing long-lasting partnerships.

Watch the Founder’s Day keynote event here.