The Massman Companies has announced that its new website, describing the capabilities of the multiple companies that make up The Massman Companies, is now live at The Massman Companies group consists of Massman Automation Designs, EDL Packaging Engineers, Ideal-Pak PASE Group and DTM Packaging & Custom Automation. The new site describes the design, manufacturing and customer service capabilities of each of the companies offers and emphasizes their ability to work both individually and together as a single source when customer needs require. The site also includes links to the websites of the individual member companies.

The Massman Companies began with the founding of Massman Automation and Design in 1978. In the ensuing years, acquisitions have created a strong team of machinery and technology companies devoted to the principle of “Enhancing Lives Through Automation.” That growth is projected to continue as the group adds new technologies, packaging systems and integrated production line capabilities.

The Massman Companies capabilities include designing, manufacturing and installing systems for case erecting and sealing, case packing, robotic operations, liquid filling, shrink packaging and integrated production line systems. In addition, it is able to integrate the capabilities of its different member companies in a single production line project. The Massman Companies offers the advantages of collaborating with customers to find solutions, leveraging the cumulative packaging experience and engineering expertise of its multiple member companies, and providing support before, during and after sales that creates long-term relationships with customers.

For further information about the Massman Companies or any of its member companies, visit the web site at or call (320) 554-3611.