Company: Deux Foods


Introduced: October 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $15.00/jar

Product Snapshot: Deux Foods recently launched DEUX, a line of functional, plant-based cookie doughs enhanced with immunity boosting vitamins, collagen, and protein. Co-founded by two women-of-color with successful backgrounds in Venture Capital at McKinsey and Big CPG, Sabeena Ladha and Scout Brisson are on a mission to make good-for-you actually taste good. They will lead the brand to take on Nestle Tollhouse and Pillsbury, in the refrigerated dough category, which has not truly been disrupted in decades. Prior to officially launching in October, DEUX launched limited quantity “drops” on Instagram that sold out in hours.

DEUX will debut with three gluten-free, vegan flavors, each paired with a specific function and using the most impactful ingredients they selected along with a naturopathic doctor; flavors include: Immunity Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, packed with a blend of immunity vitamins - vitamin D, zinc, elderberry, chaga mushrooms, and cordyceps, Collagen Brownie Batter, made with a proprietary vegan collagen blend that mimics effects of bovine and marine collagen - composed of hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and vitamin C and finally, Protein Peanut Butter which is made of pea protein, a plant-based protein more brands are starting to use an alternative to whey protein.

“People are craving comfort and health right now, and often those are at odds," says Sabeena Ladha, co-founder of DEUX and a PepsiCo alum. "We are also in a very emotional, uncertain time politically and socially and while we launched DEUX to fill a gap in the market, we also want to just delight and bring joy to consumers in a healthful way,” adds Ladha.

The business idea was conceptualized at the beginning of the COVID outbreak in the U.S., when both DEUX Founders were baking up a storm at home and taking fistfulls of immunity supplements. They realized that packaged food is well behind the canned beverage category, which has been innovating by packing in vitamins and supplements so you can get more from your drink. Ladha and Brisson also took note that there are limited brands that truly connect with and speak to the Gen Z consumer, who expects more out of their products than previous generations.

“While big CPG brands are still trying to remove the ‘bad’ ingredients from their products, DEUX will cater to the next wave of consumers who prioritize good-for-you ingredients as well as brands that stand for something real,” says Scout Brisson, co-founder of DEUX.

DEUX will launch with delicious cookie doughs that you can bake or eat straight from the jar, and is expected to quickly expand to other parts of the grocery store: breakfast, refrigerated meals, mixes. Taste is at the forefront of DEUX products, along with clean ingredients that consumers can feel good about, and a dose of activism and social responsibility, which are in the founders’ DNA. DEUX cookie doughs will be sold direct-to-consumer nationally at, in Erewhon stores in Los Angeles, and via on-demand delivery apps on the east coast starting in October, taking an omnichannel approach to reaching consumers.