Fedima, the Federation of European Manufacturers and Suppliers of Ingredients to the Bakery, Confectionary and Patisserie Industries, has launched a campaign to promote sourdough and to inform consumers on the ingredient. The campaign launch is marked by the release of a video on sourdough, the first in a series of videos and other informative materials.

“At Fedima, we are delighted to be launching this campaign. In 2019, we conducted a study to gain insights into how European consumers perceive sourdough, and we found that 58% do not fully understand what sourdough is. As such, this campaign will focus on informing consumers about sourdough in an engaging manner, providing details into many interesting characteristics of this ingredient. Our intention is to open up debate and encourage curiosity around sourdough throughout the coming months and years,” stated Johan Sanders, president of Fedima.

Fedima has member associations in thirteen countries across Europe, and aims to represent its members in discussions at EU level on key policy topics, working to support and grow the baked goods sector as a whole. Fedima’s sourdough campaign, to take place over several weeks, is based on the results of a survey carried out in nine European countries on over 5000 people, in 2019. The campaign aims to educate consumers on sourdough, providing information on how it is formed, its taste and history, and its value in baking traditions across Europe.

“Sourdough is an ingredient that has been part of European bread and baked goods traditions for thousands of years. We are happy to be working to further increase the understanding around this ingredient and what it can offer. Through this campaign, Fedima hopes to highlight sourdough’s long and varied history, as well as its key characteristics and appeal, ensuring that this ingredient also has a bright future,” concluded Sanders.