Committed for more than 30 years to the Clean Label approach, Limagrain Ingredients is significantly developing its production capacity.

With an investment of more than 9 million euros on its site of Arques (North of France), 20 months of work, Limagrain Ingredients has extended the existing buildings and installed a new line that will enable the production of almost 15 000T of functional flours.

This new industrial line is not just a simple "third line," it enables them to reach levels of quality, product consistency and food safety that meet the highest demands of today and tomorrow in agro-industry. Limagrain Ingredients can meet the expectations of agro-industry with total flexibility and naturalness, particularly in terms of gluten-free and allergen-free ingredients, with optimum microbiological characteristics, and with ultra-controlled particle size and 0 dust for some products!

This new installation ensures increased safety for their employees.

Gaetan Demon, director of the plant, explains: "Beyond these few figures, I would describe the completion of this project as a real "tour de force". Given the financial context of the project, the imperatives of the construction deadlines, the sanitary context, as well as the maintenance of the current production 365 days a year, 24/7 throughout the construction work, there were many challenges to be taken up. All this was made possible thanks to the unfailing commitment of my team. We can say that this project is a concrete expression of our group's values: Progress, Perseverance and Cooperation! 

This new line has been inaugurated on October 7, 2020 and will develop Limagrain Ingredients' functional flours activity, reaching an annual volume of 45,000 tons/year, in order to provide an even better support for our European industrial customers in their progress, particularly in terms of Clean Label initiatives.

*Functional flours are the result of a synergy between our cereal expertise, via varietal selection, and the expertise of our hydro-thermal processes. Their 100 percent Clean Label range is an alternative to thickeners and starches, to bring a Clean Label texture to ready meals, soups, breads, pastries, dairy products with a simple "flour" declaration.