Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery recently was able to catch up with Poorvi Patodia, founder, Biena Snacks, about the brand's new Keto Puffs.


Liz Parker: Why did Biena decide to create Keto Puffs?

Poorvi Patodia: First and foremost, we listen to consumers. The response to our Chickpea Puffs, launched last year, was incredible and checked the boxes for clean ingredients, great taste, and real nutritional benefits. We saw an opportunity to meet the needs of consumers following the keto diet (projected to grow to $17.8 billion by 2026) or just generally looking for low carb options by creating a delicious snack made from whole plant-based ingredients.


LP: What had to change/go into the Puffs in order for it to qualify as keto-friendly?

PP: To create our Keto Puffs, we looked to our already loved lower-carb Chickpea Puffs. We started with the same nutritious ingredients like chickpeas and lentils and made simple adjustments including adding fiber. They have that familiar delicious taste and texture while meeting the nutritional requirements for those in need of low carb snack options. All of our snacks, Keto Puffs included, are made with plant- based ingredients and are gluten free, grain free, and non-GMO.


LP: Any plans for more plant-based products in the future? If not, any upcoming products?

PP: Biena is a pioneer in plant-based snacking and our plan is to keep the momentum going! This time last year we closed a round of funding to support our growth. We will continue innovating and developing nutrient-dense, plant-based snacks. We are exploring what’s next, always staying up-to-date with trends and listening to what consumers want out of their snacks.