Company: Dunkin'

Introduced: October 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.19

Product Snapshot: Dunkin’s Instagram-worthy holiday treats now include the new Frosted Snowflake Donut. With purple icing and special snowflake sprinkles, the Frosted Snowflake Donut is the perfect purple pairing with the Sugarplum Macchiato. Some of Dunkin’s classic doughnuts will be wearing their holiday best as well, with seasonal snowflake sprinkles for a festive new look.

Dunkin’s seasonal treats are limited time only, we’re sorry to say. So, dash away to Dunkin’, and try them today. Order in-store or on the Dunkin’ App to keep running day or night. Happy holidays to all, and to all some much-deserved delight.

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