Company: Niacet


Ingredient Snapshot: Global provider of food safety and shelf life extension ingredients, Niacet, announced the introduction of their clean label range of ingredients for microbial control: ProNiaturèl. The new range offers manufacturers looking to produce clean label products pure, transparent, and effective ingredient alternatives to chemical preservation ingredients. Today’s consumer is increasingly concerned with what goes into their food, with more and more people actively seeking out ‘free-from’ products with natural claims. The new ProNiaturèl range answers this demand, with a variety of effective microbial control products, all entirely clean label.

The first product launched in the ProNiaturèl line, ProNiaturèl Nc, is designed specifically for baked goods. Utilizing pure calcium vinegar salts to control mold growth and extend shelf-life, it can be labeled as neutralized vinegar, dry vinegar or vinegar salt. When trialed using baked goods, a low dosage of ProNiaturèl Nc was found to inhibit mold growth over an extended shelf-life period, and also performed best in a sensory evaluation of aroma, taste, and aftertaste, compared to a control group and other standard preservatives, such as calcium propionate and wheat ferments.

The other two products currently in the ProNiaturèl line—ProNiaturèl N and ProNiaturèl Ns—are targeting applications in the areas of processed meat, poultry and fish products as well as plant-protein based meat replacers and spreads and sauces. Both products utilize the long-known effects of vinegar against bacterial spoilage and therefore assure shelf-life and food safety. Both ProNiaturèl N and ProNiaturèl Ns are based on natural vinegar and are fully neutralized, meaning they can be labeled as neutralized vinegar, dry vinegar, or vinegar salt. Multiple external trials and challenge tests have proven the efficacy of both products and sensory evaluations have shown no impact on smell, taste and structure. Due to the high purity and proven efficacy of vinegar salts, the use-levels of ProNiaturèl N and ProNiaturèl Ns are low—lower than with most clean label products – and therefore cost-effective.

Offering unparalleled efficacy, all products in the ProNiaturèl range are produced as a free-flowing powder or granulate to reduce transportation and storage costs and help maintain a greener carbon footprint. Plus, as part of our commitment to providing transparent clean label ingredients, all products in the ProNiaturèl range will undergo C-14 analysis, ensuring the product is made from only fermented vinegar and free from any unwanted additional chemical elements, like petrochemicals, that can occur in other fermentation processes. Niacet’s ProNiaturèl offers transparency, purity, and integrity throughout the entire portfolio.

Jeff Rogers, COO at Niacet, explains: “The key behind the new ProNiaturèl range is in its transparency. We begin the process by using straightforward, familiar ingredients from which we create, consumer-friendly antimicrobials - perfect for clean label solutions. The first product innovations in the new range are designed for two applications areas: ProNiaturèl Nc for bakery goods and ProNiaturèl N and Ns for meat- poultry- and fish-based products as well as meat-replacers and spreads and sauces. We also have an exciting pipeline of clean label products we’re looking forward to present in the future. Having established ourselves as an authority in food safety, with more than 85 years of experience, Niacet are now pushing further into the clean label space with our newest offering.”

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